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Indoor Real Estate Drone Tours

Interior Drone video for Real Estate home/business listings.

  • 4 hours
  • $450-$550 average
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Interior Drone Tours feature the latest in drone technology. The pilot flies the drone through the home or business using FPV (First Person View) Goggles. This allows them to see exactly what the drone sees, and knows exactly where it is. Interior FPV videos are not new, per say, but with our drones, they are much safer. Originally these tours were being done by FPV drones used primarily for freestyle, racing or cinematic action shots. This is because these drones are extremely fast, and can perform moves ordinary drones cannot. The problem, even with Cinewhoop (a ducted FPV drone) FPV drones, is that the drones had no sensors, this makes it very easy for something to go wrong damaging the home or business. This is where we come in, our drones are FPV, however they have sensors to stop them from running into things if something goes wrong, like signal loss. A normal FPV drone would drop out of the sky, or continue the way it was going. Ours will stop and either simply hover or try to land using its sensors to avoid obstacles. This makes our interior flying much safer. We also have longer lasting batteries which means we do not have to rush to get the shoot finished before the battery dies. This service includes: Music commercial video 3 - 5 minutes - 4K or 5.1K Custom intro credit (customer logo/color scheme), interior drone footage of the floor-plan of the home or business . Client logo throughout video, animated text if so desired, custom end credit. All footage is color graded, and corrected. What we do... We offer high resolution aerial images/video for the purpose of showcasing a property. We create a beautiful single take "Virtual Tour" video using a small FPV drone captured in 4K. This video begins with the drone coming from the outside, showing the front of the home, and entering through the front door. The video then flows throughout the home going room to room in a single flow, without cuts or transitions** (In some cases this may not be possible). The video ends with the drone flying out of the home and then showcasing the surrounding neighborhood and possibly the view of the mountains.** (if it is possible to view the mountains from the home). Let us give your perspective buyers a virtual tour of your listing...

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