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We capture moments from above

Talon Drone Services specializes in High Resolution aerial imagery spanning a variety of different commercial applications. We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and provide service to most of the state. Below is a list of the services we provide. If a service that you are interested is not listed, please let us know of the project you need our help with, we may be able to provide service to you.


We offer services in Commercial/Residential Real Estate aerial Photos and/or video; showcasing commercial buildings or residential homes and/or properties. Upon request we can highlight property boundary lines on aerial images, take ground photos with Canon DSLR cameras. Allow us to spotlight a piece of property, and provide an aerial view of the building or home a buyer rarely sees. We can provide "Aerial Tours" via video, of parcels of land that show the views a potential home buyer will have. Our goal is to make a listing stand out, and help close the deal.

We perform Inspection Services on a variety of different types of structures. Roof inspections, photos/video used to check for damage after a storm or looking for normal wear and tear or check solar panels installed on roofs for cracks, missing bolts etc.. Inspection Services on tall structures that are dangerous to scale and not very accessible. These can include cellular towers, radio antennae, bridges, and even church steeples. Instead of risking injury by someone scaling these structures, let us fly and capture the photos/video, and inspect the structure in high resolution safely. 

We provide Agricultural Services, such as perimeter fence integrity checks. When a ranch covers many acres, with some areas difficult to get to, a drone can quickly check to see if any of the fencing surrounding that ranch is damaged or missing. We can capture images of livestock to allow for a headcount to be conducted. If it is determined that an animal is missing, we can scan much more ground more quickly than via a side by side or on horseback alone, to locate the missing animal.

We also provide Mapping services for Orthophoto and Orthomosaic(3D) maps. We use Flight Planning software to accurately image the ground. The missions are computer flown with set speeds, altitude and overlaps. Once the flight mission is complete, we will either upload the images to our secure Dropbox account or we will render the map(s) for the client. There is an additional fee to render the maps. The additional cost is dependent on the size of the area scanned and calculated by the resolution of the images. We will provide a complimentary pre-scan of the area, and give the client an initial estimate on the cost to render the images.

Finally, we also offer Aerial Imagery for Special Events like weddings, family reunions, etc.. Capturing those "magic" moments in photos and/or video from a birds eye view. Let us provide you with a different view, and imagine!

With all of our flight services, the customer has the option of either having us give them the raw footage, or we can edit the photos and/or video in post-production for an additional fee.

We are insured and FAA Part 107 Certificated,

Commercial Real Estate Training Certificate,
SITE Technologies Mapping Certificated

The Team


CEO/Lead Commercial Drone Pilot

U.S. Army Disabled Veteran, husband and father of 2 beautiful daughters.


CFO/Lead Visual Observer

 Wife and mother of 2 amazing young women.

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