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Drone Inspection Services

Roof, Bridge and other structure inspections and other applications.

  • 1 h
  • $125/per hour
  • Location of job

Service Description

Our Inspection Services cover a wide variety of services. We offer inspections of Roofs, this can vary from inspecting the roof itself for damage (after a hail or wind storm) or normal wear and tear, to inspecting solar panels that are installed on the roof. We also inspect various towers, wireless or cellular, and/or service antennae, and/or bridges. This service is for structures that are too dangerous or difficult to reach the top of by a human and then inspect that structure. We can also inspect fence-lines or perimeter fences in agricultural applications. A Ranch needing to check the integrity of their perimeter fence to ensure that cattle cannot "wander" from the ranch. Take aerial imagery of a herd to perform a "head-count" or look for a missing animal over a large territory. We provide high resolution images to the customer, we do not check them for the damage etc. ourselves. We charge a minimum of 1 hour of flight time. After one hour, we start to bill in 15 minute increments.

Contact Details

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